Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Now works on Mac, Linux!

Social.IM now works on Mac and Linux!

We now support XMPP (Jabber). This means you can use Social.IM to chat with all your Facebook friends on the Mac through iChat or Adium. It also works on Linux, using any XMPP-compatible client.

Click here to install our app on Facebook and get the account info you'll need to configure your client!

[UPDATE 2007-28-01: FYI, we’re still fighting a few issues with our XMPP integration … if you don’t see your roster the first time you login try logging back out and back in again.]


Johan Norrman said...

Could you please add a note/page on how to config Pidgin.


Some_Dude said...

Wow. Its great guys. Thanks for this alternative.

glongman said...

using adium on leopard...

fails to login...

"Error loggin in"

iChat does connect though.

so, how do I get adium to work?

belacqua said...


To configure Pidgin:

Protocol: XMPP
Resource: Home

Screen name & password are provided by when you add this app to your facebook profile

Nothing required in 'Advanced tab'

Brian said...

thanks for the advice on Pidgin. Now if only I could figure out how to get contacts listed somehow...and why did this application disable my other accounts in Pidgin?

Jake said...

I got it to log in... but it says all of my friends are away?

ScottSteven said...

Well Adium works but want to get ichat to work. iChat connects but I am unable to see connected users on facebook all are greyed out but i can see them. Jabber server for my company is working AOL and ,me are working just not this service,